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in countries which have imperfect or unsafe quarantine and sanitary regulations,
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Diagnosis. — The clinical diagnosis suggested possibly an aneurysm, pericardial
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more clcijant to add " Fiat ," mentioning the form of medi-
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lysis, and manifestation of motor excitation, such as convul-
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sanitation, we are yet convinced that, for the present
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OF the functional disorders of tlie stomach and intestine, a large propoi'tion
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This excellent little book, though addressed to the laymen, is well
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plained that, while lesions of one optic tract would pro-
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were treated with much regard, or acted on generally, by the
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The distinguished Professor Richet has been promoted from
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of bed, and out at the window, during the temporary absence of
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alcoholic intoxication. Acetonfemia has been adduced as the cause of a form
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member’s alleged violation of any provision of the
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who of all surgeons has had the largest experience, having
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follows out his theory of inflammation. The fact that
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Case 4 hail a distinct tendency to form rather long threads.
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than formerly ; but that serum treatment, in cutting short the diphthe-
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ind readily distinguish the faces, and even the voices of those about
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contracted down to the size of the stones it had contained.
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to the cornea ; the lens dislocated ; and all the structures,
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cessful. The bleeding was then partially checked by renewed pressure in
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liave noted, the eruj)ti()n a])])(\ire(l within a. wcH^k after the
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average value of 0.10 per cent. An experience of more than a year
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whereas in pleural diseases, there being no natural sounds to be
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where there is distention or flattening of the same."
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(R. E.) The cimtinued fevers of Kansas. Kansas M. J.,
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asis. Cong. d. -mdd. grecs 18S2, Constant., 1883, i, 105.—
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getting it into his bladder. Retained it there in the usual manner, by means
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Remarks, — There are many features in the consideration of this
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the presence of the affection. The sweat-glands are
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proached to the surface of the chest, at a point where it is felt to
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of Parliament, and to ask a commission similar to that granted to the
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four lower cervical roots. This is the most common form of the
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fragment, in its union with the lower one, shows that
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mainly preventive, as indicated above. Look well to the
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but a piazza was put in condition for out-door oloep-
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moving obstructions, and in promoting perspiration. It is one of the
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using for the indifferent electrode one that has a resistance as great or
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smooth, dry tongue, with difficulty of protruding it, and inarticulate speech ;
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him in one of the operations, the gall-stone case. Before the operation