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disturbances in the function of those organs. In the substance of organs

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hemoglobin, and 1900 leukocytes, with a color-index of 1.18.

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illustration of the length of time which may elapse before death takes place

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after all, they are but partially effective. Presuming

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ber weather. The next morning the doctor was sent for, and found

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used. The dry, rose-colored or whiiish product is applied to the

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It is inconceivable to me that where hundreds or thousands of physicians

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dispensable to have recourse to this extraction when the poi-

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styramine resulted in a 13% reduction in total cholesterol

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delay healing by first intention, which it is essential to obtain in all face

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Dr. Taylor had a world-wide reputation as an expert in all matters relating to

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Angclini (A.) La ref'rattariet^i delle scimie, e degli

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lodo-Parotiditis. — K. Gron reports the case of a syphilitic

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the flow of blood through the smaller arteries and capillaries of the

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curious to note that in 2 of the remaining 3 cases I could at


much and he was able to take and retain a fair amount of liquid food.

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the value of variations of temperature in pathological states ranging

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appeared among the cotton pickers, brought there, it

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quiring midwives and physicians to report cases of in-

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intestine ; Second, leaving the case to nature, with the

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"We succeeded in soon checking the vomiting, and she rested easy, with occa-

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learned and taught. As far as we are concerned, it cannot

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Professor of Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania. Second edition,

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prepuce (a, <2), which is stretched so as thoroughly to expose the organ ;

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Vl-year-olds, and less than half the score of the next lowest

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dered cl?an, must be a far less serious affair than the

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effort, called fever, originates, though it is principally manifested in the

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were also much less troublesome, and on the 10th the

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sooner? It is the only thing that has readied my case,

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favoring tm with communications is respectfully called to the follow-

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was admitted into the Medical College Hospital, Calcutta, on

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all scientific strangers visiting this metropolis. We are informed in

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water enema can be given till all the hard scybalous masses

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ing to depend on, although you can guess very near, by the

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From our studies and those of others it appears that more than