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" The mere impairment or limitation of the accommodation of the

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communication exists between the pleura and the air in its cavity. —

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tumour itself in wearing away the muscular and mucous layers

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and her appetite, which had pre\'iously been extremely poor,

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years of age of the well-to-do class, the deaths are 11 per cent.,

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deal better. The stiffness and pain in the joints disappeared

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physiology of mind; and it is this portion, we have no

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there is no need to use it as an excuse ; for a large family can bo prevented if tho

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The frequency of syphilis in any group of individuals de-

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Vo-th to the -B^th rather than from the ^^th to the -gV^h. As a rule,

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most secret places. It is in the description of the functious and

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the fall of man was caused by woman, how can we have that confidence in her sex

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1 Egypt suffered from epidemic cholera in 1831, and partially in 1835 and 1837 ;

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glucose by starvation; he has lost 40 pounds, his weight is

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hps of the Sylvian fissure. In its ventral and cephaUc angle it

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In one the indurated interment beneath tne heel and great toe

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be too much and too variously discussed, and endeavours should be

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native sod at the sources of the river Amazon, in Central South America) to supply

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brain are sometimes attended by movements so choreic as to be mistaken for real

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involvement of the lungs. How may we explain the hemoptysis?

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lives; and if we attempt to put too great a restriction upon the nervo-eleetric

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toxemia, is the condition made a cHnical one. The symptoms of

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recollect of this one who was carried to the grave of the consumptive through dis-

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in battle are often pierced by the bayonet and cut badly, and yet heal. The dirk of

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the ground is absolutely saturated with carbonic acid gas, bo that when a deep

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blood-pressure. This relationship is quite inconstant, and it is not

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By Heney G. Weight, M.D., M.R.C.P., Physician to the

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larly the former. Bad habits in dress sooner or later prove detrimental to the

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principle residing in or about these organs, yet many persons

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vention play in upsetting the balance of already ad-

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causes giving rise to the endemic, and the pamphlet altogether

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of the proctoscopic tube. As the insufflation is made the open

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The cortex, at first thicker, denser, and heavier than natural,

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after long exposure, often running into consumption. The delicate membrane of the

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•confusion, memory for recent events being poor. Spinal fluid