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Case of spontaneous Ptyalism. By Dr. Smith, WilliamS'
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The next article is by Schleiffarth ' on inflammation
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are subject to catarrh, with all its usual associations, never suffer by any
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ferences arise, from original diversities of structure or of function
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against subsequent invasion of the disease for the remainder of life.
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ulcers; in 3 the second ulcer was in the stomach, in 13 in the duo-
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involved, and yet tlie child is suffering from Pott's disease.
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Gior. d. Accad. di med. di Torino. 1892, 3. s., xl, 969-971.—
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gated, then constricted in the center, finally dividing
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in the slightest. Lawyers, Doctors, and parsons he systemati-
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taining one and one-half grains extract of pancreatin, with four
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including such names as Billroth, Jaeger, McLeod, Simpson, Agnew, McGuire, Hunter, and
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more elevated; he trembles all over, and if head is pushed a little
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in acute atrophic paralysis. Holt only found two cases in
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The enlargement sometimes takes place upward and inward and
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stimulates muscular contractions, and may be advan-
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only with precaution, otherwise the digestion might be
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cise normally, so that no organ is displaced by over or improper exercise or im-
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sports. He joined an athletic club, a boating club, a walking club,
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be connected in turn to the coil and transformer and a weak current be
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rarely succeed after the invaginated portion of intestine has become swol-
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and the latter to fix them in a more stable form in the tissues.
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since it is not, in any high degree at least, an analgesic.
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themselves irrational than that the Commodore was of unsound
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scess.* When associated with dysentery in warm climates, the hepatic
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mation of the peritoneal coat of the uterus. On the morning of
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it is quite necessary that, before special forms of treatment are
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