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is often more or less insensibiUty to pain. No new ideas are developed.
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vious pelvic trouble, in fact had had an operation 7 years before for
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an exploratory puncture at this place might arise. I should never
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she was usually free from symptoms, but as the day went on
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scientific principlts, which are understood by all ti ose
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This study affords new evidence in favor of the view that the func-
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it was within the still narrower period of from thirteen to seventeen years.
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The patient's mother-in-law, who was in constant attendance upon her, was
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Again, if the chief spasm is in the interossei and lumbricales, the hand
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pulse tension. The at tide on diseases of the upper extremity is
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ployed by topical application to vaginal and vulvar wounds
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Europhen (iso-butyl-ortho-cresol iodide), the iodoform substi-
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which many minor associations have emanated in the State, dif-
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statistical investigation is open to certain fallacies. No two series of
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ments, will give great relief ; blisters frequently do good.
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this subject has been introduced. It is a well-attested
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lap in several changes of water, as hot as it could be
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shall without delay, and with the advice of its attorney, ex-
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and Soda), Oil of Wine, Aloe Pills, Pills of Aloes and
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fice would have been peculiarly useful and charitable. The
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and the oleate of bismuth, may answer admirably. In other cases
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measures are the most expedient ; if severely poisoned,
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minutely into details, it may be stated that Mr. Sequeira, the surgeon who
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hardened. No vascularity of the parts, and the surface was of
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on until the urine finds a free outlet, when it gradually
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r-vd,. -uiKcon uhen l,e comes to perform an anastomo;i. l.uer on after
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contraiy, so far predominated over those that were antagonistic
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the time of the meeting had nearly elapsed, and there appear
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now profusely perspiring, and much attenuated. I immediately ordered
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The most influential argument I have been able to find to
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