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food; determination of its composition, and assimilation

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the analogy a little far. I use it entirely " without prejudice," as

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maintaining the free, local action of the skin. The topical use of cold in the

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tissues may slough. Recovery e^•en here may take place, with result-

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edition will become the routine daily processing system.

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The TJse of Physioiaiis' Names by Kann&ctnrers in Ad-

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which lie liad seen eigliteen years ago, in wliich the patient fell,

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servers in the case of various snake-poisons. Martin

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the 103d N. Y. Infantry, 3d N. Y. Artillery, and 2d Maryland In-

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Lastly, chemotherapeutic agents often cause nausea,

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urethra, in which class of cases Berkhardt and Polano distend the bladder

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denal perforations which have been reported between 1893 and 1903.

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(« By Drs. Nancrede, Beattie and myself, she was visited, for a

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patient must be prepared for the ordeal by a course of previous

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tion were not always apparent or easy of attainment, but still they

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cepting the single symptom of btUy ache, which afflicted

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mixture, will be acceptable : remainder in the evening.

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is very different from consecutive atrophy. The disc is sharp

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which, if not yet definitely proved tuberculous by the discovery of the

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