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width interposed between the bone and the grafted dura

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1888, 1,368-374.— Schwalbe (C.) DieAnwendungwarmer

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Feb., '96, I removed septal ridge left, which enabled him to breathe

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Candidates who offer Obstetrics and Gynecology as their major subject must pass

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first increasing and then diminishing their amoeboid movements, and on

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carbonate of lime in small quantity may be present also if the urine is strongly

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A. Dystocia due to (a) occipito-posterior, (6) mento-

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the first day, but rather on the second or third after the first injection.

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should be paid out of the Consolidated Fund, instead of part

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in our knowledge of the nature and action of : will undoubtedly neutralize 1000 times the

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* These cases, and most of the historical and bibliographical facts

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On further examination, such an obstacle was found in this case,

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density that can weather the temperature of the atmosphere

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sudden attacks of disease, hysterical complaints and lowness of

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often can not lie down but has to be propped up in bed or sit in a

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know of no hope or chance of saving life ; and when the lungs or liver have

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The fact that cases of prurigo were frequently attended

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of them. The poor patients remained under our observation

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to subdue. After the subsidence of the pain, no symptoms of unusual

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of having caused its death during delivery^ by putting a towel round

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coecum or the rectum, in cases where the mucous membrane of

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staff of the Anoka State Hospital, it was announced

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HamiiierNchlag (A.) Ueber die Beziehung des Fibrin-

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• Vide, for example, Jaccoud, Path. Interne, 4th ed., i. p. 286.

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