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quite frequently during the past ten years by Profs.
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slight irntation occurred, I tried the use of one of
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population furnishing those deaths. It is to be distinguished
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the hair follicles are not destroyed. This remedy is very expensive
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by the chef oi a duke, a banker, or a brewer. The English
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Messrs. Editors, — I received to-day the card I send you. 1 The whole theory seems
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distal phalanx almost absorbed; the middle phalanx markedly shrunken; the
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may combat the fever by antipyrin, antifebrin, quinine, etc.
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suffered from pericarditis, a percentage of rather more than twenty. The
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resinous precipitate may be dissolved immediately in a little water, and Petten-
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rectum an effective second stomach, which, if it does not afford us the pleasures
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as the materials wasted or sold contain much sugar and proteid
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are finally converted into a puckered, pigmented, fibroid nodule. The
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in the cold stage of inflammation. I can find a different
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The reports of the various sections were then in turn
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early, rarely late in the disease, but mania is rare. Suicidal tendencies
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ard the right side of the pelvis, the head not having
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urine may occur with Benedict's or Fehling’s solu-
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are maintained. The occasional failure of this operation is attributed by
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tube, inflammation, gangrene, paralysis, etc. In most of these cases dis-
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tion at times arises whether it is congenital or the result of
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part of the child's parents, serum therapy could not be em-
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up detached laminae of pia mater to the light ; or they may need the
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an unheard-of procedure. I do not know that the fact
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of her gown a paper of arsenious acid, which )iad been
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through any one part must afiect that passing through the re-
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ledge of the value of his discoveries, this was still harder.
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the relative intensity of the two sounds in the different cardiac
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his attention on the eye to a large extent and he was
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The faithful physician has no day, no night, no Sabbath, which he can
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all human ills, and enter more largely in the making and marring of
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ized study of doses of 4, 8 and 16mg per day. Neurol-
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described, another kind of entoptic visual sensation
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Delpech, in the celebrated concours which took place for the chair of
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was now increased to twenty minims. On the 14th, pericar-
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tween normal perception and vertigo lies, in the sensing of motion
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the genera Tabanus, litem atopota, Pangonia and Chry sops, have a
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signs are learnt and retained by the memory, which plays the greatest part
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rather to exhibit the decisions of law, and the teachings of medicine, in
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On Sunday, November 26th, 1848, at 5i o'clock A. 31., while standing,
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My own opinion coincides with that of Thomas and Bohn, who
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the preparations can be made the day before, it is very advisable to
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a kind of cardiac curiosity, but in none have I ever seen it proceed to
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when she had been passive or in a state of rest. The appetite has been capri-
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interest in dissolving the marriage tie as in upholding it.
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interpretation. The forces that make such results possible should be kept in