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1889-90, ii, 127-130.— Plessing. Ueber Febris lierpetica

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could be felt plaques of bone arranged over a soft substance. This

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be given. Cauterization with nitrate of silver is useful

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turned to the rear, for the conveyance of the wounded to the latter.

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sues and or<rans of the body — the synovial, the mucous, and serous mcnihranes

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of wounds, two distinct dressings are necessary — aseptic and

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troublesome. An examination is made by the sufferer,

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walls, and so rapidly, that it is hardly possible to find it, except

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through a flue communicating with the bedroom in which deceased slept with

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sphenoidal Abscess, with Presentation of Patient, by

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fully used in men and dogs in a large number of cases^

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the lung in a pneumonia, and in the intestine in a ty-

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eighth space, posterior axillary line. The proximity

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Francis M. McCallum, captain and as8t.-8urgeon. Vols., from

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anopsy ensues if the lesion is unilateral, and total blindness if the

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ficient ; an idea that is certainly erroneous. The faradic

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a woman's college. It might be imagined a simple by several individuals that the field par excellence

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easily. The use of towels, brushes, combs, etc., by the dis-

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retained its potency after two years of climatic changes ; nor

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